Men Manicures

Men Manicures

Classic and spa manicures + nail art for men ✨

From $15 / 30 min

Welcome to Pink Rose Salon, where self-care knows no gender. Gone are the days when nail care was just for the ladies.  Today, grooming is all-encompassing, and our tailored nail services for men ensure your hands speak volumes about your dedication to personal upkeep. Why settle for good when you can aim for polished perfection?

🌟 Handshake Confidence: Pair your man-icure with a hair grooming session and avail a 15% discount on both. Look sharp, head to toe!

Nail Services for Men

Basic Man-icure

A thorough nail trim and shaping, cuticle care, followed by a relaxing hand massage.

Price: $25-$35

Buff & Shine

Get a natural, healthy shine for your nails, making them look clean and well-maintained without polish.

Price: $20-$30

Protective Clear Coat

A clear nail polish application that strengthens nails and provides a subtle shine.

Price: $15-$25

Cuticle Treatment

A specialized treatment to soften and remove overgrown cuticles, promoting healthy nail growth.

Price: $20-$30

Sport Man-icure

Tailored for the active man, includes nail trim, shaping, cuticle care, and a deep moisturizing treatment.

Price: $30-$40

Hand Rehabilitation

A soothing treatment for those with callused, overworked hands. Features exfoliation, mask, and massage.

Price: $35-$50

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Special Offers 🌟

Early Riser Bonus

Visit us before 11 am, from Monday to Wednesday, and enjoy 10% off on any man-icure service. Kickstart your day with confidence!

Loyalty Pays

Book 5 consecutive monthly man-icure sessions and get your 6th one absolutely free. Because we value your trust!

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Gentlemen, remember – your hands often make the first impression, be it a firm handshake at work or a gentle touch on a date. Let Pink Rose Salon ensure they always tell a story of impeccable grooming and care.

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