Nail Art

Nail Art

With nail art, there are no limits – only endless possibilities ✨

From $30 / 45 min

Ever imagined turning your nails into a canvas, painting your emotions, your vibe, your uniqueness?Β  At Pink Rose, we offer you the magic wand to bring those dreamy, dazzling, and daring designs to life.

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πŸ’…πŸŽ¨ Nail Art Menu

Classic French Tips with a Twist

The timeless French manicure adorned with subtle art.

Price: $30-$40

Glitter Galore

A sparkling affair for nails that love to shimmer and shine. ✨

Price: $35-$

3D Embellishments

Give your nails a pop with studs, gems, and more.

Price: $40-$60

Hand-Painted Designs

From florals to abstract, each design is a masterpiece. 🌸

Price: $45-$70

Ombre Nails

Seamless gradient shades that are a sight for sore eyes.

Price: $40-$55

Geometric Patterns

Edgy and trendy designs for the modern soul.

Price: $40-$60

Matte Artistry

The allure of matte combined with intricate designs.

Price: $35-$50

Glow in the Dark

Nails that light up your nights. 🌌

Price: $40-$55

Chrome and Holographic Nails

Dive into the mesmerizing world of reflections and rainbows. 🌈

Price: $45-$65

Minimalist Chic

Less is more with clean lines and delicate designs.

Price: $30-$45

Special Offers 🌟

Color Me Stunning

Combine your nail art session with hair coloring and avail a 15% discount on both. Let your colors speak! πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈπŸŒˆ

Smooth Operator

Pair your nail art with any waxing session and enjoy a 10% discount. Smooth skin, stunning nails!

Early Bird Delight

Visit us before noon, Monday to Wednesday, and avail 10% off on nail art services. Mornings just got more beautiful!

Birthday Bonanza

Celebrate your special day with us and get 25% off on nail art services. Birthday nails on point! πŸŽ‚

Why Choose Pink Rose? πŸ€”

At Pink Rose, we don’t just paint nails. We craft experiences. Each nail art session is a journey – from understanding your preferences to translating them into art. Our certified nail artists are continually updated with global trends, ensuring you always get the latest in nail fashion. And yes, your safety is paramount. Sterile tools, hygienic practices, and a serene ambiance make every visit a holistic experience. So, when you choose Pink Rose, you’re not just opting for beauty. You’re choosing expertise, care, and an unparalleled passion for the craft.

Why Quality Matters

Nails are delicate and deserve only the best. Using high-quality products ensures:

  • Longevity: Your nail art lasts longer, looking as vibrant on day ten as it did on day one.
  • Safety: Premium products minimize the risk of allergies, infections, and other complications.
  • Finish: The final look is more refined, polished, and professional.

Our Tools

Precision is the cornerstone of exceptional nail art. We invest in state-of-the-art tools that offer unmatched accuracy, ensuring every stroke, dot, and line is perfect. From our brushes to our dotters, each tool is sterilized before and after use, guaranteeing your safety.

Top Brands We Swear By

  • OPI: Known for its exceptional range of colors and durability, OPI is a favorite among nail professionals worldwide.
  • CND: Creators of the revolutionary Shellac, CND offers some of the best long-wear nail polishes and treatments.
  • Essie: With a vast palette of shades and a reputation for quality, Essie is a staple in our nail art arsenal.
  • Gelish: Leaders in the gel polish domain, Gelish offers high shine, chip-free nail solutions that last for weeks.
  • Young Nails: Their range of nail art accessories, from glitters to pigments, is truly unmatched, enabling intricate and varied designs.
  • Nail Harmony: Renowned for their innovations in the world of nail products, ensuring we can offer you the latest and the best.

An Experience Beyond Just Beauty

When you step into Pink Rose Salon, you’re choosing a salon that values quality and your well-being. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics; it’s a commitment to ensuring your nails are cared for with the best in the industry.

(Note: Please replace Pink Rose Salon with the actual name of the salon for personalization. It’s also important to ensure that the salon indeed uses the brands mentioned or replace them with brands the salon uses.)

Ready to paint your story? Dive into the world of colors, patterns, and expressions at Pink Rose. Book now!

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