You can elevate every step you take, making each footprint memorable ✨

From $15 / 30 min

 At Pink Rose Salon, we believe your feet deserve just as much love, care, and flair as any other part of you. After all, they carry you through life’s incredible journey!

👣Artsy Adventure: Combine any pedicure service with toenail art and get a 15% discount. Let your feet be the canvas!

Pedicures aren’t just about a splash of color on your toenails. It’s about pampering those feet, reviving them, and yes, celebrating them. Let’s unravel the various pedicure methods:

  • Regular Pedicure: This is your basic foot pamper session – soak, scrub, shape, and shade. It’s relaxing and essential.
  • Spa Pedicure: A therapeutic indulgence! Think of it as a spa day, but exclusively for your feet.
  • Medical Pedicure: This is a health-first approach, focusing on foot health and treating any underlying issues.

☀️Sun-Kissed Soles: Book a pedicure and get 20% off on any tanning session. Walk with a golden glow! 

Toenail & Pedicure Services

Classic Pedicure

A relaxing soak, exfoliation, nail shaping, and your choice of polish.

Price: $30-$45

Gel Toenail Pedicure

Glossy finish with a longevity that’s ready for any adventure.

Price: $50-$65

Spa Pedicure

Elevate relaxation with masks, massages, and moisturizing treatments.

Price: $55-$75

French Pedicure

The timeless elegance of white-tipped beauty for your toes.

Price: $40-$55

Medical Pedicure

A specialized treatment focusing on foot health and specific concerns.

Price: $60-$80

Paraffin Wax 

An ultra-moisturizing experience for those feet.

Price: $45-$60

Toenail Art

Express yourself from tip to toe with intricate designs. 🎨

Price: $15-$40 (based on complexity)

Detox Foot Soak

A rejuvenating soak to draw out toxins and relax those feet. 🌱

Price: $35-$50

Special Offers 🌟

Pampered Pedis

Opt for any pedicure and enjoy a 10-minute complimentary foot massage. Walk on clouds! ☁️

Twice the Care

Book a gel toenail pedicure and get a 20% discount on a gel manicure. Shine from fingers to toes! 💅

Weekend Warrior

Visit us on a weekend and get a 10% discount on any pedicure service. Weekends done right! 🎉

Cleanliness: Our Promise, Always! 🌿

Your health and well-being are paramount at Pink Rose Salon. Our pedicure tools are subjected to a stringent sterilization protocol after every use, ensuring your feet are in the safest hands. Additionally, our pedicure technicians regularly engage in cleanliness training, ensuring that our pedicure stations are nothing less than immaculate. Beauty, for us, is holistic – it’s a blend of aesthetics and safety. And every step you take with us reaffirms that promise.

Step out with grace, confidence, and style. At Pink Rose Salon, every step you take will resonate with beauty and care. Ready to elevate those feet? Book now!

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